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Advanced Privilege Review with PrivFinder
Leverage Amplify's powerful privilege review tool to identify privileged communications and legal actors quickly and defensibly.
How to find and manage privileged actors and communications
About Lesson

Navigate and tailor PrivFinder’s results to accurately categorize legal actors in your dataset. This tutorial provides step-by-step guidance on optimizing your PrivFinder experience.

What you’ll learn:

How to access and interpret the list of actors in the Amplify tab.

The significance of numbers beside entities and what they represent.

Reclassifying legal actors from ‘undefined’ to specific designations.

The process of moving, ignoring, or adding entities and individuals.

How to manually search for and add missed legal actors.

Updating your PrivFinder job to reflect the made changes.

Utilizing the PrivFinder fields in the workspace for efficient searches.