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How to Assess Search Terms
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This video describes the use of Snippets during early data assessment to evaluate and optimize search terms.

This Snippet job was run for key terms.

Some of these terms are going to perform better than others, with broad terms having a higher likelihood of returning large volumes.

The corresponding search term report for these terms reflects just that, with common terms like stock and debt among the most prevalent hits.

Terms requiring additional scrutiny can be isolated using the Snippet Phrases field.

Using the Snippets field, we can identify some instances where the term stock is not related to the company’s shares, but rather about the availability of something.

We also see Snippets that are exactly on point with the intent of the term.

Adjusting the term to hone in on these examples is a possible course of action.

Stock price appears to be a viable option to get to the most important documents, but there are also Snippets reflecting the term stock by itself that are relevant.

If the volume of unintended results was higher, the stock term could also be updated with a not operator to exclude phrases such as stockpile, stock up, and stock available.

When honing in noisy terms, isolating the documents where the term is the unique term hit is helpful.

There are also term hits for Debt that are not in relation the company’s large debt.

However, given the importance of the term, there is no logical way to update debt to remove false positives while retaining the relevant term hits.

Snippets still provides the ability to efficiently review these documents and tag non-responsive instances during this assessment phase.

While not as prevalent, another term stands out as an ideal candidate for adjustment.

“Lobby” was used to capture documents referencing efforts to seek influence in legislation.

The vast majority of the term hits are related to the lobbies of buildings. Running the terms “lobbying” and “lobbyist” is likely the better approach for this issue and will prevent additional non-relevant lobby term hits from entering the review universe.